Saturday, September 19, 2009

needle felting

A few nights ago Abby asked me if we could do a craft together. So, I grudgingly agreed (yeah right) and this weekend we hit the fabric store. Inspired by a recent article in Martha Stewart Living (September 2009 issue—you can also see examples here, here and here) I decided we should try needle felting.

This decision set me back a bit money-wise because of the expense of the fabric and the new tools we needed, but it was fun. 100% wool works best, and I chose the fabrics above. The girls chose these:

These are the tools we needed: a mat that looks like a giant flat brush, and felting needles.

We cut our felt shapes out with the Sizzix Big Shot die-cutting machine from Stampin' Up!

We then used the felting needle to attach the flower. The friction from the needles moving rapidly up and down through the fabric melds the two layers together.

Here Abby is using one needle to attach the leaves.

After you finish with the needles, it looks like this:

And the reverse side looks like this:

You can use it either way. For Sarah, I liked the look of the more defined shape. But for the rest of our projects we used the soft fuzzy side, because that was the look inspired by Martha. Here is Abby's finished pillow:

And Sarah with her pillow:

And here are the pillows I created:

The felting was fun, but the Amy Butler fabric I used to back the pillows was my favorite part!

I used my motivation to sew up a couple of pillows out of this brown and blue raw silk fabric I've had sitting around for ages.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

summer's end

I can't think of a better way to cap off the summer than spending a weekend in Bear Lake with great friends.

^ Best buddies

^ Susan's reaction when she found out she would have to put up with the Clarks for 3 days.

^ Breakfast tastes better from someone else's bowl.

^ Breakfast on the go. No time to stop and eat.

^ Cute little Emma doodle.

^ Loading in the rented jet skis, and hoping the truck doesn't drown in the process.

^ Ready to go!

^ Tom thinks this photo belongs in a Yamaha brochure: "the perfect family friendly activity. Buy a Yamaha today!"

^ Posers

^ The view of the beautiful Bear Lake blue waters from the hills above.

^ Susan rocks a helmet

^ Setting up day camp on the beach

^ Pulling out when the weather went south

^ Sarah on her personal stage

^ Tom makes lunch