Monday, September 27, 2010

89 years

When you've been in a daily posting habit, someone is bound to notice when you go missing for over a week. Sorry. You see, I had to take a blogging break to work on organizing my house. We are still living in chaos after moving 3 months ago. Lately, when I start to feel overwhelmed, Tom has taken to reciting this little poem:

Have you heard of tiny Melinda Mae,
Who ate a monstrous whale?
She thought she could,
She said she would,
So she started in right at the tail.

And everyone said,"You're much too small,"
But that didn't bother Melinda at all,
She took little bites and she shewed very slow,
Just like a little girl should...

...and in eighty-nine years she ate that whale

Because she said she would!!!

-by Shel Silverstein

I sure hope it doesn't take 89 years to get settled into this house.

Regardless, I'm back this week and full of things to share. Thanks for sticking around!


Benjamin Ranch said...

cute whales...cute poem:) In 89 years it'll probably be one of your grandchildren settling into that house, and looking around and thinking "what was my Grandma thinking??"

Mike, Amanda, Dane, and Nora said...

I know the feeling, Jo! There are so many projects around our place that I just get overwhelmed. Then I remember that I plan to stay here forever, so I might as well take my time! Hang in there- I always love to see what you are up to!